Oxford Water


Prices for Boats

Class ILess than 16 ft.$20.00
Class II  16 ft. to 25 ft.  $25.00
Class III  26 ft. to 39 ft.  $75.00
Class IV  40 ft. and Above $100.00

Boats are not titled in Alabama . To register a boat you need a bill of sale. The information needed to register the boat is as follows:

If you purchased a boat previously registered out of state, you must have a copy of the boats last out of state registration. 
Should you purchase a boat that is currently registered in Alabama with a current decal, then that decal would be transferred into the new owner's name. There are no penalties on boat registrations or renewals. Boat registrations are not prorated. For example, if you register a boat in May and your normal renewal month is August you would pay the same fee in May and August.


Renewal Month   First Letter of Last Name
January  A and D
February  B
March  C and E
April  F, G, and N
May  H and O
June  M and I
July  P and L
August  J, K and R
September  Q, S and T
October  U, V, W, X, Y and Z